Women Set To Visit The Moon For The First Time

The Apollo 11 command module

The Apollo 11 command module"Columbia

But most of the moon rocks are kept at NASA's Lunar Sample Laboratory in Houston. "That makes sense, when you think about it, because the earth and moon were formed at the same time 4.4-ish billion years ago and we're fairly convinced that they were once part of the same planet at one point".

An entire photographic atlas of the moon, produced at the Paris Observatory between 1894 and 1908 by astronomers Maurice Loewy and Pierre Puiseux, will also be on view for the first time.

The JFK Moonshot app will take users from July 16 until July 20 on an augmented reality journey from the Earth to the moon, providing people anywhere in the world the opportunity to view 120 hours of real-time tracking simulation.

As soon as the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, it became clear that many previous ideas were wrong.

'The Moon is the Rosetta Stone of the solar system, ' Lawrence, who works at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, said in an interview with AFP.

As technology has improved, the collection has continued to reveal surprising, new information, like the fact that there is water trapped in lunar rocks and soil.

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Their mission, Apollo 11, was considered an American victory in the Cold War and subsequent space race, meeting President John F. Kennedy's goal of "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely" before the end of the decade.

Debris spent the next several hundred million years coalescing in Earth orbit into the Moon we have today, explained Lawrence.

That's pretty small, given that the total surface area of the moon is similar to the continent of Africa.

The exhibition will present virtual representations of the moon, dating from the dawn of photography through the present.

And while life evolved on Earth, "the Moon is lifeless", he said.

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