World Refugee Day 2019 to raise awareness, funds

Rnita Dacho with her mother Khochibo Warda

Rnita Dacho with her mother Khochibo Warda

In order to draw the public's attention on the situation of these refuges worldwide, the United Nations General Assembly decided from the year 2000 that every June 20 would be observed as World refugee day. "The global community seems to have lost its ability to address and resolve these wars and this crisis".

The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said this week that 70.8 million people were either forced to flee their homelands past year or were displaced within their countries because of conflict, violence, human rights abuses or persecution. That's 2.3 million more than in 2017.

Noting that Turkey is now hosting 4 million refugees, the statement said: "Today, services we provide them in several fields, in particular health, education and access to labor market, are a guide for the worldwide community".

Refugees and asylum-seekers are yet to be recognised as a workforce in Malaysia, and continue to be denied access to lawful employment. The visit of the United Nations official to the Kingdom, which comes on the occasion of World Refugee Day, aims to highlight Jordan's leading and humanitarian role, and its hosting of large numbers of refugees.

But Grandi refuses to accept the idea that the problem is too big to fix.

ICE Raids Planned for Sunday — WashPost
Trump had tweeted on Monday that the raids would begin "next week" and that millions of people "will be removed as fast as they come in".

Officially previous year, there were more than 138,000 unaccompanied and separated children globally, according to UNHCR's report, which notes that this is likely a significant underestimate. "So we always have to be careful in certain discourse globally in terms of trying to present that somehow we're inundated when other countries bear much larger responsibilities that they take on when refugees cross their border".

Voting rights: Is political equality possible? As such, countless civic groups round the world host events on the day. He met with Jordanian officials, NGOs and volunteers, and inaugurated a bazaar where refugees sold an array of handicrafts, food and art. UNHCR safeguards the rights and well-being of refugees and stateless people.

The countries with the most internally displaced people are Syria, wracked by conflict since 2011 and Colombia, plagued by decades of violence, said the UNHCR. The Malaysian Bar urges the Malaysian Government, as an active and leading member of Asean, to continue its dialogues with the Myanmar Government to push for a holistic and humane solution to the issues pertaining to the Rohingya.

In the face of ever higher levels of forced displacement - and alongside growing levels of xenophobia around the world - cities including Paris, France Montevideo, Uruguay, Lahore, Pakistan, Bucharest, Romania, Vancouver, Canada, Atlanta, USA are also appealing to other mayors and local authorities around the world to join with them in making concerted efforts to welcome and include refugees in their communities.

Drawing parallels with Europe's recent, so-called refugee crisis, when hundreds of thousands of people fleeing wars, including the Syrian conflict, risked their lives crossing treacherous Mediterranean waters to reach Greece and Italy, the UNHCR chief insisted that an open-door policy was essential.

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