Xbox One S Fortnite Special Edition Bundle Coming This Friday

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Also, regardless of whether you have a console or not, it is always good to stock up on new games to play.

E3 2019 is fast approaching, and more eyes will be Xbox this year than ever before. Today, you can use the Xbox app to connect to a remote Xbox console and stream games to your PC, and manage its settings-as long as it's online and connected. The official Xbox account on Twitter shared a closer look at the console as well as the cosmetics that come with the bundle. Will Microsoft respond at this year's show? So there are chances that Sony could reveal PlayStation 5 at E3 and fans already excited for the console so for its bundle's games.

It should be noted that not all of these Xbox 360 titles will be backwards compatible and if they are, they will have a notification attached confirming it. Are you going to be picking up the purple Fortnite Xbox or perhaps an Xbox One X? What titles would you recommend to others with the subscription service? . We'll have even more clarity about its Xbox/PC strategy as E3 kicks off.

Leak: New FromSoftware game from George R. R. Martin has appeared
FromSoftware is known for critically acclaimed games such as Dark Souls , Bloodborne , and the recent Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . The minds behind A Song of Ice and Fire and Dark Souls have teamed up for a new game, and it's called Elden Ring .

We'll have to wait and see which games will be making their way to the PC thanks to the Xbox Game Pass Focus Home Interactive deal.

Which One Will Be Better?

We expect that we'll see more about the service-how it works, what it will cost, and possibly even a release date. It will feature a new cast, and there will be much more loot than the previous games. For UK gamers, that's 9 PM BST, while Australian fans will need to wake up a little early to watch the conference at 6 AM AET on June 10. This inconsistency has been part of a wider problem of Microsoft dabbling with better offerings for PC players but never quite delivering on them, cloistering big games in its first-party stores. In addition, plenty of PC games will be going on sale as well including Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate, Gears of War 4, and Deep Rock Galactic.

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