YouTuber faces jail for prank on homeless man


YouTuber"Pranks Homeless Man By Offering Oreos Stuffed with Toothpaste Sentenced to 15 Months of Jail- WORLD OF BUZZ 4

Ren, better known as YouTube prankster ReSet, was found guilty of violating the moral integrity of the homeless man.

A Spanish YouTube star, who gave a homeless man an Oreo cookie filled with toothpaste, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Among the 200 most influential Spanish-speaking personalities on YouTube at the time, police said he then tried to stop the victim making a complaint in exchange for 300 euros ($335) (around P17,300) and yet another video in which he would spend the night with him.

It is customary in Spain for sentences shorted than two years to be suspended, so long as the convicted party is a first-time offender and committed a nonviolent crime, The New York Times reported.

The 53-year-old homeless man, called Gheorge L, said he threw up five minutes after eating them.

Kanguhua Ren, former YouTube star, was sentenced on Friday to 15-months in prison, owes $22,300 to his victim, and is banned from the channel and all other social media platforms for 5 years after pranking a homeless man with an Oreo cookie filled with toothpaste.

Ren was born in China, but has lived in Barcelona since childhood. He later said he has "never been treated so poorly while living on the street".

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The filmed prank, which left the homeless man vomiting, brought widespread condemnation for Ren.

Ren reportedly admitted in the clip that he "may have gone a bit far" but that there was a positive side. "I think he hasn't cleaned them since he became poor".

In other videos, Ren also displayed "cruel behaviors" toward "easy or vulnerable victims", the ruling added.

He deleted the video from his channel following the criticism, went to see the man again and offered him €20.

Judge Rosa Aragonés, however, placed the blame on Ren, noting that the influencer earned more than €2,000 from advertising revenues generated by the video - which was part of a series of pranks he filmed in response to challenges he received from his followers.

"I do things to put on a show", ReSet had told the court.

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