Android Q will finally enable pull-down gesture for notification bar

Android Q will kill its default gesture navigation if you install a launcher like Nova

Android Q will kill its default gesture navigation if you install a launcher like Nova

Android Q Beta 5 is rolling out now.

We're getting close to the finish line for Android Q, so Beta 5 (understandably) doesn't have many major changes. In case the dark mode is not enabled, the regular bright white boot animation will be shown when you reboot your Pixel phone.

The biggest change you'll find in today's update relates to Android Q's full gesture navigation functionality. As Google announced at I/O this year, it will do away with the awkward two-button gesture nav that debuted in Pie. This will, however, require some changes to the way Android now works. The feature will let users swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to access the notifications.

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In addition, Android Q Beta 5 introduces a "peek behavior" for apps that use navigation drawers - panels that can be accessed with a swipe or a tap, showing users an app's main menu.

The ability to snooze notifications has already changed several times over the course of Android Q's development. Of course, you can get this feature working in smartphones using third-party launchers.

While it mentions that it will be continuing to work on these issues, with beta 6 users with a custom launcher installed will be switched back to three-button navigation by default until it can work out the problems in a post-launch update. It wouldn't be Google if a few things didn't get renamed in an update, but all joking aside, I think the new phrases get the point across much better. We're expecting one more beta to launch in the coming weeks with very minor changes. That's probably also when we'll find out what Google has made a decision to name Android Q - its options are a lot more limited than with past letters.

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