Apple Faces a Second Privacy Exploit With the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

Apple Faces a Second Privacy Exploit With the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

Apple Faces a Second Privacy Exploit With the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

The Walkie-Talkie app allows people who accept an invitation to talk with friends in real-time without the hassle of making a phone call.

'We were just made aware of a vulnerability related to the Walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch and have disabled the function as we quickly fix the issue, ' said Apple in a statement.

As reported by TechCrunch, Apple says there's now no evidence that anyone exploited the flaw - which was reported directly to Apple through its bug portal - before Walkie-Talkie was taken down.

At the end of the day, although iPhone and Apple Watch users have every reason to be annoyed by these discoveries and the temporary deactivation of the Walkie-Talkie app, the important thing to remember is this particular vulnerability was never exploited (at least to Apple's current knowledge) and the functionality will be restored "as soon as possible".

However, you won't be able to use it for the time being, as Apple has disabled the watchOS 5 functionality because of a new newly discovered vulnerability that would allow others to listen to your iPhone without consent.

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Apple told TechCrunch that the flaw could allow someone to listen through another party's iPhone without consent.

But an unknown flaw means that the feature obviously didn't work as intended, and could be exploited by snoopers.

Apple has disabled the Walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch after detecting a bug which could have allowed Kent users of the app to eavesdrop on others.

The bug was reported to Apple through its security portal, TechCrunch noted, but there's apparently no evidence that it was exploited before the company was alerted.

In a statement, Apple apologised for the bug, which is believed to have been flagged to the company through its own security issue reporting website. The Walkie-Talkie app continues to remain installed on Apple Watch, though it will not function until Apple rolls out a fix. The company is clearly taking the matter seriously, and this could be because of an eavesdropping bug that was discovered in FaceTime a year ago.

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