Daily Fruit Juice Linked to Higher Cancer Risk



Just a small glass of juice or soda a day can increase your overall risk for cancer by almost 20 percent.

For those people who drank the most fruit juice or sugary drinks, at 185.8ml per day on average, consuming an extra 100ml per day - just over a large 250ml glass of fruit juice - was linked to a 30% increased risk of all cancers.

The participants, who were followed for a maximum of nine years, completed at least two 24-hour online validated dietary questionnaires, calculating their daily consumption of sugar and artificially sweetened beverages as well as 100 per cent fruit juices.

A daily glass of fruit juice could increase the risk of cancer, new research has found.

Published in the BMJ British medical journal, this study analysed data from 101,257 French adults - 21% of them men and 79% women - and assessed their intake or sugary drinks.

"While this study doesn't offer a definitive causative answer about sugar and cancer, it does add to the overall picture of the importance of the current drive to reduce our sugar intake", said Dr Amelia Lake, from Teesside University.

Touvier said her team observed that sugar seemed to be the main driver of the link.

Sugar is one of the most common elements in the average Western diet - it can be found in obviously sugary snacks, but also in products one wouldn't guess contain high amounts of sugar, such as certain breads and savory sauces.

Its director general, Gavin Partington, added: "Soft drinks are safe to consume as part of a balanced diet".

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But, alternatively, people who drink the most sugary drinks could have other unhealthy behaviours (eating more salt and calories than then rest, for example) that raise their cancer risk and the sugary drinks themselves could be irrelevant.

For every extra 100ml per day consumed on top of this, a person's cancer risk increased by 18% for all cancers and, among women, by 22% for breast cancer.

A spokesperson for the American Cancer Society (ACS) said the findings should give consumers pause, because obesity is a known risk factor for cancer.

"For too long the nutri-myth of sweeteners being a health risk has remained in popular culture".

"The idea is not to avoid totally drinking any, any, sugary drinks or food juices", she said.

Meaning that no sugary drink is exempt from increasing your overall risk of cancer by 18%. Of these, 693 were breast cancers, 291 were prostate cancer cases and 166 were colorectal cancers. The new study was an observational one, so it could simply be the case that more sick people are drinking more juice, or some other confusing interplay is at work.

That's a major limitation, researchers say, as it's impossible to determine whether the association is due to a type of beverage or another hidden health issue.

Honestly, as alarming as this study is when you break down the cancer risk into numbers, many of us already know how harmful making sugar a prominent fixture of your diet is.

She said she hopes to see more rigorous studies, especially some randomized controlled trials, to get a better sense of how different juices impact our bodies over time.

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