DJI Details Ronin-SC Single-Handed Stabilizer for Mirrorless Cameras

DJI's new gimbal is almost half the weight of the Ronin-S

DJI's new gimbal is almost half the weight of the Ronin-S

Interestingly, the "C" in Ronin SC stands for "compact" as DJI has added some design considerations that not just make the 3-axis gimbal smaller but also built one that works well with mirrorless cameras. The reduced weight makes the Ronin-SC not only easily transportable but aids in reducing fatigue when using it on extended photo and video shoots. Thanks in part to its magnesium, steel, aluminium and composite plastic construction.

In brief: The gimbal can support up to 4.4 pounds and its battery offers up to 11 hours of operation on a single charge. However, the model comes with new design features, including a better balancing capability and a new position lock system.

Not only does it feature the same smart modes you'll already find in the Ronin-S-including timelapse, motionlapse, motion control and panorama-DJI has added two new features designed specifically for the smaller, more user-friendly SC. With its unparalleled combination of features, Ronin-SC offers content creators more possibilities than ever to get the shots they need. Options include a popular (and disorienting) 360-degree infinite barrel roll movement that you used to require some menu diving to use. Likewise, users can adjust settings, set up to 3 different custom profiles, and run balance tests via the Ronin app.

The stabilizer also has a new ActiveTrack 3.0 mode that's similar to what's available for DJI's drones and Osmo cameras.

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DJI Ronin-SC and mobile device using ActiveTrack 3.0. The first one is Force Mobile which is a feature similar to Force Pro that professionals use to remotely aim their cameras when mounted to DJI's more advance gimbals. Users can mount the mobile phone to the top of the camera's hotshoe with the included phone holder mount, open the Ronin app and select the subject to follow automatically.

Ronin-SC was created to work seamlessly with popular mirrorless camera systems on the market. It also offers two new modes through the Ronin app that its heavier sibling doesn't offer. The gimbal itself is now available for purchase from DJI's website and retailers, and it'll set you back $439 for the essentials kit or $539 for the Pro bundle, which comes with additional accessories.

Highly compact and extensively stabilised - yes, it's a DJI Ronin gimbal.

Force Mobile, a lighter mobile version of Force Pro, synchronizes the movement of a compatible mobile device with the gimbal, allowing you to control its movement by moving your phone from up to 82 feet away using a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

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