Dramatic video shows Coast Guard nabbing suspected drug-smuggling submarine

Crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro inspect a self-propelled semisubmersible on June 19. U.S. Coast Guard

Crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro inspect a self-propelled semisubmersible on June 19. U.S. Coast Guard

One of two Coast Guard boats seen in the video then closes in on the submersible, as two crew members jump on top of it.

The U.S. Coast Guard released a dramatic video of its crew members finding and then bravely leaping onto a moving drug-filled submarine in the Pacific Ocean.

- The U.S. Coast Guard stopped a submarine carrying 16,000 pounds of cocaine off the coast of South America, part of a $569 million drug bust, officials said Thursday.

Even if the Coast Guard does manage to catch the vessel, they have to be quick.

Crew members onboard one of the vessels can be heard shouting at those inside the submersible as it approaches. In the footage, a crew member yells "Stop your boat!" The ship deployed a boarding team on two small boats with a helicopter watching overhead.

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Iran says the evidence is fabricated. 20 June: Iranian forces shoot down U.S. protection power drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Within the previous two weeks, Iran has breached two commitments on uranium enrichment in accordance with the sanctions.

A U.S. Coast Guard crew turned over 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana in San Diego on Thursday.

"They're like the White Whale", Brickey told The Washington Post on Thursday, describing narco-subs.

Drug submarines are not only increasing in number but also improving in their abilities to elude the USA led drug interception efforts.

Homemade submarines are commonly used to smuggle drugs out of Colombia. Every vessel is built with the ability to sink and destroy the evidence within minutes, with the smugglers knowing that the Coast Guard will make sure they don't drown, Brickey said.

He said for 2019, the Coast Guard has seized roughly $3.6 billion in illegal drugs and arrested 400 alleged smugglers. The Coast Guard, along with other American agencies and their counterparts in allied nations, most often precede these interdictions with extensive reconnaissance coordinated through the Joint Interagency Task Force-South, based in Key West, Florida.

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