Facebook to Boost Oculus Headsets by Offering VR Games

Facebook Aims to Dethrone Sony With Ubisoft VR Exclusives

Facebook Aims to Dethrone Sony With Ubisoft VR Exclusives

Facebook has been putting more money and time into expanding into gaming, and allegedly, it now appears that the company is taking one more leap.

IGN shared a report from The Information about Facebook's grand plans for gaming. With titles such as Assassin's Creed becoming Oculus exclusive on VR, a significant boost might be given to the popularity of Oculus. The Facebook-owned virtual reality company has reportedly signed deals with Ubisoft to bring exclusive versions of Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed to Oculus. These could be smaller experiences similar to Batman: Arkham VR, previous games given the VR treatment or even full-blown titles.

The sources said that Facebook plans to seed Oculus with popular video game titles so that it can attract more people, entice them to buy the VR headset and encourage them to spend more time on Facebook's VR gaming platform. However, The Information claims Mark Zuckerberg is personally involved.

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Marvel Powers United is another Oculus Rift exclusive looking to capture gamers using popular characters and stories. Indie and small studio games continue to be significantly important to large game companies, both with regard to revenue and harnessing the creative credibility such teams can bring.

The tightrope that is being walked here comes back to the collective fanbases of the two franchises. While Assassin's Creed has enjoyed continued success over this generation of consoles Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell franchise is yet to make a full appearance, though he was in a mission for Ghost Recon: Wildlands which shows Ubisoft hasn't completely forgotten about him. But Splinter Cell is something fans have been asking for repeatedly, presumably in the style of every other Splinter Cell game that's come before. He came to Nerdstash thrilled to be able to write about what he loves the most again.

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