'Fortnite' Fortbyte #29 Location - Found Underneath The Tree In Crackshot's Cabin

Screengrab via Epic Games

Screengrab via Epic Games

Today's new Fortbyte challenge is Fortbyte 29 Found underneath the tree in Crackshot's Cabin.

If you find the Fortnite Crackshot Cabin tree where the computer chip is, you're one step closer to completing each stage of your latest premium Fortnite skin.

Crackshot's Cabin is a big wooden cabin north of Frosty Flights. Here's the exact location you need to head to in order to collect one of the final pieces at the end of Season 9. It's among a load of trees, and was also the cabin that we saw in the Season 7 opening cinematic. It's easy to find on the map, and the tree that the challenge mentions is the Christmas tree on the ground floor. However, the Fortbyte isn't with the main lodge, but rather inside a smaller cabin to the east of it. Collecting all 100 is a feat that rewards you with a decked out Singularity skin, complete with a helmet and interchangeable colors.

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Many of Fortnite's skins or characters have their own in-game living locations within the game's official lore. Before Season 10 arrives, however, another new Fortbyte is up for grabs, and the clue to where you can find it rests within the special loading screen you'll unlock when you complete this season's tenth Utopia challenge.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. We're here yet again to give you another dose of helpful byte-sized goodness to make sure you're keeping your collection up to date. Which Fortbyte Challenge has been the best so far? Tell us in the comments section!

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