Google’s News tab gets a more transparent redesign

Google declutters its news tab on desktop search pages with a fresh look

Google declutters its news tab on desktop search pages with a fresh look

Google plans to reveal an overhauled News tab which enhances prominence for publishers rather than headlines.

Publishers will also possibly benefit from the redesign, as it now prominently shows links and the name of the publication for each news story. Although not much is known about the new look, it seems cleaner and packs more emphasis on the publisher and their branding.

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The redesign will roll out over the next few weeks, 9to5Google reported.

Google announced the upcoming change in a tweet via Google News Initiative account. This update will update the interface, making it easier for users to find news articles relevant to their searches. One prominent addition is a carousel that notes what "People also search for". There's a grid of items with the top news, followed by individual cards for stories from publishers. Right now, the results are separated into different sections and it's frankly quite cluttered, but the new interface addresses that issues by introducing independent cards that allow News to emphasize the publisher name. There is more white space, but readers will be able to see more of a preview of each story. "While it's clear that the new design is a lot less busy than its predecessor, it'll be harder to get an idea of the breadth of coverage or read related news stories", Amrita Khalid wrote.

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