Google Translate's camera now works with more than 100 languages

Instant camera translation in Google Translate

Instant camera translation in Google Translate

Google has just announced a handful of improvements for the real-time camera-based translation in the Google Translate app. Google is now adding support for 60 additional languages for the instant camera feature, including Hindi, apart from increasing accuracy by nearly 85 percent. The translated text placed by the feature on the real-world were previously flickery, and the new update makes the text more stable, less flickery, and easier to understand. In the updated version of the app, you can select "Detect language" as the source language and it will automatically translate the text of the sign into the language of your choice.

Google is introducing some new upgrades for the Google Translate app's instant camera feature. From these 88 source languages, users can translate into more than 100 different output languages. Google points out that this is handy for travelling in areas where multiple languages are commonplace, and I'm sure you can think of more useful use cases for this feature. Grab the app below if you don't have it installed. Google says the update should go live for one percent of users, but everyone will have it in the coming weeks.

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A common concern when travelling is Wi-Fi and/or cellular data availability. As the name itself says, it translates text in the preferred language that too in seconds, all you got to do is point the camera focus to the text. It also works when your phone is offline if you download the language beforehand. It's a rather practical feature, but it's getting even better with a series of new additions. Earlier the translated text used to flicker on the screen, making it annoying at times but now as per the company claims, the flickering has been reduced to make the text more readable.

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