Iowa reports 1st confirmed 2019 human West Nile virus case

Key to West Nile Virus risk levels. Currently the entire state of Kansas is in a moderate risk level

Key to West Nile Virus risk levels. Currently the entire state of Kansas is in a moderate risk level

The Alabama Department of Public Health says it's recently confirmed a positive West Nile virus case in a horse near Boaz, in Marshall County. The individual who died was an older adult who also had other health conditions.

Most people infected with West Nile virus do not develop any symptoms, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Caitlin Pedati reminds Iowans that humans get infected with West Nile virus through a mosquito bite.

Approximately one in five people who are infected with WNV will develop symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea or rash. They can develop encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain, or meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, according to the CDC. But more severe cases can end in paralysis or death. She said the elderly and people with underlying health issues are most at risk. ADPH routinely reports WNV cases and other mosquito-borne diseases statewide. To date, Maricopa County has only seen travel-associated cases of these diseases.

The state epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Byers, says most cases occur between July and September.

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Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) conducts a proactive and aggressive year-round mosquito surveillance and abatement program.

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, past year 104 Iowans were diagnosed with West Nile virus, and nine Iowans died.

In 2018, MS had 50 cases of the mosquito-borne illness, with no deaths from it.

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