Johnson admits he doesn't know details of his Brexit Plan B

Jeremy Hunt on Andrew Neil's show

Jeremy Hunt on Andrew Neil's show Credit Reuters

"It is because parliament may try and take a no-deal Brexit off the table altogether and so I think - my commitment is that I think I'm the best person to get a deal and if we get a deal it will be on or around the 31st of October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people about the difficulties".

She was forced to announce her exit in May, amid a revolt by Conservative MPs unhappy about her failure to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union (EU) on March 29 and her decision to open Brexit talks with the opposition Labour Party. "Prime ministers should only make promises they know they can deliver".

Mr Johnson said he did not think it will be necessary to suspend Parliament to drive through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of politicians, while refusing to rule it out.

"What I had underestimated was that there were people who were in entrenched positions", she said.

May, who is now serving as caretaker Prime Minister during the course of a leadership contest between United Kingdom foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt and former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, was forced to announce her resignation amid mounting rebellion within her own Cabinet over Brexit at the end of May.

His rival Jeremy Hunt, says the expert, gives the impression that he will offer more of Theresa May's failed policies, as he has spoken of renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement, which the European Union has said they would not do.

The Foreign Secretary insisted it was possible to get a revised deal with Brussels by the end of September, and said if it took "a few extra days" to get it through parliament he would delay Brexit beyond the 31 October deadline. He argues that it is vital to appear resolute about leaving on time in negotiations with the EU.

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And she called for a more discipline in government after years of leaks and political disagreements inside her cabinet: "Good government depends on collective responsibility".

"I regret running a campaign that wasn't really me", she said.

She also hailed the progress made in tackling some of the "burning injustices" she highlighted in her first speech after becoming prime minister.

She said she hoped her critics and supporters alike would feel that "in everything I've done, I've always done what I believed to be in the national interest".

The 62-year-old senior Conservative Party MP, who took charge as Prime Minister in the wake of David Cameron's resignation after the vote in favour of Brexit in June 2016, admitted she had wrongly assumed MPs would be "eager to get Brexit over the line".

During the exchanges, Mr Johnson said it would be "insane, now", to say the government might not deliver Brexit by Oct 31, in a hint that he could be prepared to accept a delay at a later date.

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