Merkel seen shaking again at public ceremony

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Angela Merkel is seen shaking for a third time in a month

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Angela Merkel is seen shaking for a third time in a month

Mrs Merkel's body shook visibly as she stood at a military honours ceremony alongside the Finnish prime minister Antti Rinne in Berlin.

A week or so earlier, while meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Merkel was filmed shaking. "I have recently said that I am working through what happened during the military honors with President Zelensky". DW correspondent Fabian von der Mark said: "Angela Merkel has a reputation for being in very good physical conditions - she has hardly missed a day due to illness". "I said that I have to process this event and that I am in this process, and I think that just as it came, it will go away one day".

"I am convinced that I am quite capable of doing my work", Merkel said.

Mr Cornelius urged the Chancellor to "explain" why she keeps shaking as "concern is growing" among Germans over her health.

The chancellor's office has repeatedly dismissed concerns about her health.

While coverage of the first shaking bout in German media was initially restrained, newspaper columns have since been filled with medical experts speculating about the cause.

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The latest health scare has prompted additional questions over the length of her reign.

"I feel very well, there is no need to worry", she said, adding that she was simply still in a phase of "processing" a previous shaking spell, but that "there has been progress".

Merkel, who has been German leader since 2005, turns 65 on July 17.

On June 27 she gripped her trembling arms and pursed her lips at a ceremony in Berlin - nine days after footage of her shaking for a whole minute sparked health fears.

Still, following the first two bouts of shaking, Merkel shuttled to Japan and back for the Group of 20 summit and attended overnight marathon negotiations in Brussels over European Union top jobs. She is set to leave power at the end of her term in 2021.

Reuters reported that if Merkel became "incapacitated, [German President Frank-Walter] Steinmeier would appoint a cabinet minister as acting chancellor until parliament elects a new chancellor". This need not be Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a member of the Social Democrats - junior partner in Merkel's ruling grand coalition.

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