Minecraft Earth needs more players for its closed beta testing

Minecraft Earth could enter closed beta by 25 July here’s how to register

Minecraft Earth could enter closed beta by 25 July here’s how to register

In order to register, you simply have to head over to this website, sign in with your Microsoft account, fill up some details and you'll be registered for the beta. The company said the AR game is coming soon and we were pointed to the sign-up page.

Minecraft has been consistently a computer game about creativity.

If you do choose to signup it doesn't only offer you a chance to be a part of the closed beta. A trailer was presented to the public before, causing more people to get excited about the game. For example, if you've always wanted a new building in your local park, no worries, just build one and you can check it out any time you want. While that may be enough for playing on Minecraft's normal modes, that won't fly in an AR game like Minecraft Earth. It is a trial period to ensure the proper functioning of the game before its official launch. The new Game, Minecraft Earth is an adventure packed game which can overlay an augmented reality over the real world layout. This game will not just appeal to avid Minecraft followers, but the general audience who finds world building and simulation games fun.

"You can even team up with others for mini-adventures!" Those blocks can then be used to build structures on build plates (of course) that can be placed on any flat real-world surface.

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Collect blocks and rare items from Tappables.

"If you're really lucky, it could happen in the next two weeks!"

The gameplay follows based on the location data of the users and there will be a special leaderboard for each gamer to keep an eye on the activities. There is no definite date provided but definitely this year. "That's right, a limited number of players in a few select cities will be able to Minecraft their world before summer is over", explained the blog post.

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