New Emojis Are On The Way

The new emoji coming to Android Q

The new emoji coming to Android Q

In order to celebrate that most traditional of holidays, the World Emoji Day, Apple previewed the new pictography that will be hitting your iPhone this fall, most likely with the iOS 13 update.

Apple has revealed some of the new emoji that will be coming to all of its platforms later this year, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

More of Apple's new emojis. And of course, there will be emoji for animals, food, and objects as well, including a yo-yo, felafel plate, skunk, flamingo, and yawning face.

Cupertino, meanwhile, takes full credit for the introduction of more disability-themed emoji, claiming the inclusion of a guide dog, ear with hearing aid, prosthetic arm and leg, and wheelchairs are due to its proposal to the Unicode Consortium a year ago. This represents two people holding hands as a couple. Those include a guide/service dog, wheelchairs, a hearing aid, prosthetic limbs and more.

Google says Android Q will have emoji with 71 multi-skintoned couples, as well as 53 gender-inclusive designs, including some emoji with gender ambiguous designs to avoid reinforcing stereotypes.

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Apple says that a significant update is coming to the "Holding Hands" emoji, allowing for advanced customization options including gender and skin tones creating 75+ unique combinations.

59 new emojis are on the way.

In perhaps the most relatable finding, we use emojis to soften the blow of a hard message (31 per cent) and we also send them to come across as more friendly (49 per cent).

And when hanger hits, foodies will now be able to send emojis of waffles, butter, garlic and falafel.

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