Overwatch begins testing its game-changing Role Queue system

The weird duo- DPS'y tank and Tanky Support

The weird duo- DPS'y tank and Tanky Support

Today Blizzard announced a major change to the way Overwatch will be played.

This new Role Queue is going live on the PTR today, and before it permanently goes live in the main game, there will be a two week beta season that will allow players to get their bearings. Applying to Quick and Competitive match modes (as well as the esports league, which is a shakeup), players will now have to commit to a role - Tank, DPS or Support - before their match and queue for that role only.

Role queue requires that players choose what role they'd like to play before matchmaking begins for a game. In Overwatch, players will choose if they'd like to play a damage, support, or tank hero. She now has less survivability, but more ability to heal, making her fit more neatly into the square peg-hole that is the Support role, especially now there's only two per team at most. In other words, if you've queued up as a Tank, you can change from Reinhardt to Roadhog or Orisa without issue, but you couldn't swap over to Tracer or Brigitte until the next game. There are also mysterious benefits to playing certain roles. You'll need to complete five placement games for each of the three roles at the beginning of a season, and there will be incentives such as free loot boxes for high demand roles to help ensure an even distribution of players.

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In the latest Developer Update, game director Jeff Kaplan explained the logic that went into this change. "It's not uncommon for players-who may all have different goals and play styles-to feel tension, pressure, disappointment, or even hostility as a team composition comes together".

"We believe that Role Queue will improve match quality, give players more control over their gameplay experience, and provide more positive social experiences between teammates", Blizzard said.

Overwatch turned three years old back in May, and over the past three years, the metagame has shifted a few times. Because of this, a Role Queue Beta Season will run from August 13 to September 1. Role queue will be fully instated by the beginning of competitive season 18 on September 1.

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