People Suffering from Cancer Could Suffer from Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart syndrome might be triggered by emotional or physical stress.

Broken heart syndrome occurs when the heart's main pumping chamber temporarily enlarges and fails to pump properly. Instead, there is a brief disruption of the heart's normal pumping function in one area.

The prevalence of malignancies in takotsubo cardiomyopathy is notably higher than in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). The death of a loved one, a breakup or divorce, financial problems and even an intensely positive experience like winning the lottery can trigger broken heart syndrome, the AHA said.

Major physical stress can also trigger broken heart syndrome. A temporary constriction of the arteries that supply the heart is also suspected to play a role.

In rare cases, certain drugs may trigger the syndrome by inducing a surge of stress hormones.

Mintz said it's important for physicians to be aware of the link between broken heart syndrome and cancer so that doctors - including primary care, cancer and heart doctors - can intervene earlier in the course of either condition.

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Symptoms of broken heart syndrome, like chest pain and shortness of breath, are curable. And that means the heart can't pump blood effectively.

Researchers have found a new link between takotsubo syndrome, or "broken heart syndrome", and cancer.

In a statement from the American Heart Association, lead author Christian Templin from the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland suggests that people who experience TTS symptoms be vigilant: "Patients with broken heart syndrome might benefit if screened for cancer to improve their overall survival". The commonest cancer amongst individuals -87 % of whom had been women - was breast, however, included cancers affecting other parts of the body, such as the skin and gastrointestinal system. Of these, a substantial proportion of takotsubo syndrome patients with malignancy developed a takotsubo episode after a medical intervention or physical trauma (12.7% vs 5.5%, P 0.001).

Only as likely to survive for 30 days after the syndrome started, though extra prone to die or require intensive coronary heart and respiratory assist whereas in the hospital. They were also more likely to die within five years of the syndrome first developing. "It is noteworthy that the prevalence of psychiatric disorders including anxiety and depression was not significantly different in [takotsubo syndrome] patients with malignancy compared to without malignancy", Templin and colleagues wrote. "History of malignancy might increase the risk for TTS, and therefore, appropriate screening for malignancy should be considered in these patients".

The study was too small to research whether or not the worse prognosis in sufferers with broken heart syndrome and cancer is perhaps due to a specific sort or stage of the disease, or the cancer treatments obtained. This will be investigated in a follow-up study by the researchers.

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