Photos of NY knife killing victim shared online



The victim has been identified as Bianca Devins, who on Instagram goes by the handle escty with a following of almost 100,000.

Police said Clark then took several pictures of Devins' body and posted them on the social media platform Discord, where several users saw the photos and reported them to police. They utilised this as a means of communication primarily, and their relationship progressed into a personally intimate one. They had even met each other's families.

17-year-old, Bianca Devins, was killed by Brandon Clark, as suspected by the police. At the time of deactivation, Clark's Instagram bio read "10/06/1997 - 7/14/19". Alleged 4Chan user, Bianca Devins, was just murdered by her boyfriend, Brandon Clark. The images Clark posted reportedly stayed up on Instagram for most of the day on Sunday.

When authorities arrived on the scene - after receiving calls from distressed 4chan and Discord users - Clark began stabbing himself in the neck, before taking a selfie with Devins' body. They were also posted on ephemeral messaging app Snapchat, he said.

Sunday, July 14 - Some time before 8 a.m.

Local Utica news channel WKTV published a news report video, where it was detailed that police had obtained a search warrant for the suspect's home.

When police found him parked in his vehicle on a dead-end street in Utica, he allegedly slit his own throat and and then posted a photo of his neck gushing blood on Instagram, too, the police officer said. He was rushed to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica, where he underwent emergency surgery. He then lay down upon a green tarp on the ground, the press release said. Clark was found laying on the tarp, his neck bleeding.

Clark then pulled out a cell phone and took "selfies" lying across the dead teen, police claimed. Police said they got into an argument at the venue, but did not elaborate.

Instagram had blocked the hashtag #yesjuliet for attempting to spread the image of the girl's body, according to Fox News.

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The teen was identified as Bianca Devins, Utica Police Sgt. Michael Curley said.

The Utica City School District issued a statement saying they "share our deepest heartfelt condolences with her family and loved ones".

Monday, July 15 - Shortly before 5 p.m. reports on a story that takes us to Utica, NY where a teenager was murdered by someone who turned out to be a friend of hers on the social media platform famous for its pictures: Instagram.

Clark, 21, was charged with second-degree murder. He was arraigned on Monday and was sent to county jail in lieu of bail.

Orbit is an internet slang term for stalking a woman's social media profile who you are sexually interested in. "When will social networks take violence seriously?" We seek to be at the forefront in assisting victims and their families and preventing these acts from occurring.

The race is referring to the Boilermaker Road Race in Utica on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Instagram - which is owned by Facebook - said their thoughts were with those affected by the "tragic event". We thank the staff and volunteers of the Boilermaker for their assistance, and thank the runners for their patience and understanding during the incident.

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