Starbucks halting sales of newspapers at its locations

Want a newspaper with your Starbucks? You will have to bring your own

Want a newspaper with your Starbucks? You will have to bring your own

Starbucks says they will drop newspapers from their store shelves; Target announces their teacher discount will return for one week starting on July 13.

Starbucks will stop selling newspapers at its coffee shops nationwide beginning September 1.

A source familiar with the situation told the New York Post that the company is getting rid of newspapers in part because of the chronic problem of lost and stolen goods, referred to as "shrinkage".

The coffee giant cited "changing customer behavior" for the move.

The Post reported that Starbucks began selling The New York Times in stores almost 20 years ago, and added the WSJ and USA Today in 2010. "While Starbucks made the decision to no longer sell print copies, we are actively discussing other ways that their customers can access WSJ".

United Kingdom police investigate Kim Darroch cables
The US president claimed on Friday that he had been told that Sir Kim had actually said "some very good things" about him. The Official Secrets Act prohibits public servants from making "damaging" disclosures of classified material.

The New York Times said it is "disappointed" with the decision.

The Pew Research Center found newspaper subscribers have been in decline since the mid-2000s.

"We work with many retail partners to ensure that copies of The Wall Street Journal are available for purchase", said a spokeswoman for the paper, whose parent, News Corp., also publishes The Post. In 2018, weekday print circulation was down 12 percent and Sunday print circulation was down 13 percent.

This isn't the first time Starbucks has decided old media is too passe for its cafes.

Since 2015, Starbucks has been gradually reducing non-core products from its stores such as CDs and mugs.

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