UK Police Launch Criminal Probe Into Leaked Cabled On Trump

Donald Trump says he wishes Sir Kim well

Donald Trump says he wishes Sir Kim well

It followed a question about Britain's ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, who resigned in a furore over leaked memos.

After earlier calling Darroch a "very stupid guy", Trump said today that he wished Britain's soon-to-be-ex envoy well.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has suggested that he was too quick to denounce Sir Kim following the leak of his diplomatic dispatches in which he described the White House administration as "inept" and "dysfunctional".

Following his resignation police launched a criminal investigation into the origins of the leak with Scotland Yard's Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu saying there was a "clear public interest" in bringing those responsible to justice.

"I would say to the person or people who did this, the impact of what you have done is obvious". However, you are now also responsible for diverting busy detectives from undertaking their core mission.

London's Metropolitan Police said its terrorism command, which investigates potential breaches of Britain's Official Secrets Act, had initiated the probe into the leaking of Kim Darroch's correspondence. You can stop this now.

He urged whoever was responsible to turn themselves in and "face the consequences".

Memos from Darroch describing the Trump administration as inept were leaked to a British newspaper, infuriating the US president, who launched a Twitter attack on both the envoy and outgoing prime minister Theresa May, who had given Darroch her full support.

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The programme was scheduled for Tuesday, but a spokeswoman said the BBC had not been able to "reach agreement" with Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.

The cable was included in a second batch of leaked reports published by the Mail on Sunday newspaper, the first of which caused Darroch to resign earlier this week.

Johnson, a former foreign minister, repeatedly failed to back Darroch during a previous televised debate.

Another expert, David Collins, professor of worldwide economic law at City, University of London and author of Negotiating Brexit: The Legal Basis for European Union and Global Trade, said it appears as though Boris Johnson is poised to become the new PM as he is generally more well liked by the Conservative Party membership and has been more explicit about how he will respond to Brexit.

The latest memo to be disclosed was said to have been written by Sir Kim in May 2018 following a visit to Washington by Mr Johnson - who was then foreign secretary - in a last ditch attempt to persuade the Trump administration not to abandon the Iran deal.

Mr Johnson said he had spoken to Sir Kim on Thursday to tell his disappointment over his resignation and the ambassador instructed him he had not watched the TV debate.

At one point he also goaded Hunt, asking how long he would keep Darroch in place after vowing to retain him.

"He was given a perfectly easy opportunity to say: "I'm sorry about this, he's an excellent ambassador and has my support", which we ought to give him because he is undoubtedly a superb ambassador and a very good civil servant, and he chose quite deliberately not to".

The new prime minister will be named on July 23 and take office the following day.

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