Um, so PUBG just got an origin story

PP-19 Bizon SMG from PUBG. Image PUBG

PP-19 Bizon SMG from PUBG. Image PUBG

Worldwide musician superstar ALAN WALKER will also join for both the show match and an exclusive live performance, where he will debut his new song collaborating with PUBG MOBILE.

But before we delve into the changelog, let's talk about the Season 4 trailer which adds a story-driven element to the battle royale game.

The Season 4 pass will also offer new missions and rewards and a new co-op mission section will be rolled out, where you can team up with friends to complete missions.

Alongside all the new features and commencement of PUBG Mobile Season 8, Tencent Games has announced that all players who update the game before July 22 will get a free Parachute Trail 1 skin and 1,888 Battle Points (BP) as rewards.

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The change comes amid growing concern about the impact of social media on users' mental health, especially young people. People can choose to make a restricted person's comments visible to others by approving their comments.

The new update also introduces an HDR option that would render the game with better colours and a higher contrast ratio.

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With or without the pass, a new cooperative mission system is coming which task players to team up on certain various goals to gain rewards more quickly. Survivor Pass 4 runs for 12 weeks starting July 23 and concluding with server maintenance on October 15. As for weapons, Kar98k, shotguns, SMGs and crossbow has seen a buff. Handling, stability, maximum speed, and fuel consumption of a wide range of vehicles have also been changed. Healing items will now work while walking. Turntables added to the map which will play music. While there are many specifics in the patch notes, the major takeaway is that there shall be barely less damage from weapons like the M4 and M16, and a few slight buffs to shotguns and sub-machine guns.

As expected, the new update brings in a wide range of features and a revamped reward system.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update: What's New? A new rating protection cards and new PMCO themed events, which will be made available later this month have also been introduced.

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