Waze Update Willl Show Toll Road Prices

George Washington Bridge Toll Plaza

George Washington Bridge Toll Plaza

In case you are wondering, the functionality will be available across the Waze app on both iPhones and Android phones, so no one is left behind.

Although most navigation apps are already able to tell you when your itinerary includes toll roads, Waze can now estimate the amount you'll have to pay by relying on crowdsourced data.

Waze on Monday said it is adding toll prices for route options inside its app.

Most navigation apps do let you know whether the road has tolls or not.

Waze helps many commuters avoid traffic and report hazards to other users. Yes, you can actually see the prices of tolls on the map within the app.

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Toll prices are only supposed for private cars, taxis, and motorcycles, so no information is available for buses or trucks.

Not sure which is the best navigation app for you?

This recent update will operate only in the USA and Canada for both iOS and Android which means the rest of the nation need to wait further for this update to work out successfully.

Its latest trick is helping you prepare for toll roads on your next journey. What's more, some of those tolls are dynamic and can have different prices depending on time of day, direction, type of vehicle, occupants, and more. Waze says that it will initially be supporting data for over 5,000 miles of toll roads across the continental U.S., so that a route can show not only length of journey and duration, but the potential cost of having to pay to use different stretches of highway or bridges.

Google has recently added the support of its Google Assistant to the Waze app. The company uses this data to calculate how much routes will cost.

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