Westbrook sure he'll 'fit right in' with Harden, Rockets

Russell Westbrook James Harden Rockets

Russell Westbrook James Harden Rockets

During the press conference, Westbrook admitted that he was "grateful" for his time in Oklahoma City. Now he'll form half of what's arguably the NBA's most dynamic backcourt. Steven Adams' unselfishness forever will have a piece of Westbrook's triple-double history. I'm not anxious about it and I know James isn't anxious about it.

"We understand what we have to do", Westbrook said.

"We both understand that we have one common goal and that's to win a championship".

"I don't have to touch the ball to impact the game". That's the best way for me to come in and impact this team.

When the trade was announced, a photo of Westbrook and Harden fighting over the ball became a meme on NBA Twitter - and the joke has since been taken to the next level, via NBA 2K. Both are far, far more ball dominant - only two players in National Basketball Association history have had a usage rate over 40 percent for one season, and now they are on the same team sharing the same ball. Rocket scientists have theorized that Westbrook would work best cutting from the wing with Harden in his typical isolation game. Since then, both have been named MVP (Westbrook in 2016-17). "When you've got two MVPs, it's a lot to work with".

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"The type of impact he has on the organization, everybody just focuses on if we're winning or not, and that always doesn't look that bad on him, but when he was with the Rockets it was an honor to get to play with him", Green told Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

Westbrook elaborated on what else he brings to the table, besides orchestrating an offense. But I think off the floor, it's a huge thing, figuring out that I am human, I am a human being, I am a.

"I'll fit right in, personally", Westbrook said.

All in all, Westbrook appears like he's prepared for the next chapter.

Westbrook was asked about the process which brought him to Houston and again he chose the opportunity to cite the collaborative effort and openness of his former franchise to help him move into a situation he desired.

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