YouTube Music will now let you roll between tracks and video

YouTube Music will now let you roll between tracks and video

YouTube Music will now let you roll between tracks and video

YouTube Music fans, you can now easily switch between songs and music videos.

So, if you're listening to a track and you decide you'd like to watch the music video for that song, you don't need to switch apps to do so. YouTube Music's recent launch means it has some catching up to do to more established players like Spotify and Apple Music, and today, it's trying to give itself an edge by rolling out a feature it's unique situated to deliver. If you are listening to a new song in the YouTube Music app, in a single tap, you can switch over to watch the music video of that song.

YouTube says that it has "perfectly time-matched" over five million official music videos with their audio tracks. Pressing the button will transition the subscriber to the song's music video at exactly the same point in the song. A separate toggle in the app's settings will further let you disable music videos by default.

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YouTube, perhaps unexpectedly, became one of the most popular places to find music online.

It was inevitable that Google's music streaming service would be video-focused once placed in the hands of YouTube, but plenty of folks interested in music have zero interest in watching the associated video.

The update with these new features should be available shortly on both Android and iOS. "We hit full peak then valley of emotions there, because the title ended with "...switch seamlessly between audio and music videos".

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