British PM Johnson to meet Ireland's Varadkar over Brexit

Donald Trump said he had spoken to Boris Johnson on Wednesday adding 'He and I are very much aligned'

Donald Trump said he had spoken to Boris Johnson on Wednesday adding 'He and I are very much aligned'

Nevertheless, Mr Bolton also acknowledged the "importance and urgency" of working on agreements "as rapidly as possible" ahead of the Brexit deadline. But he warned US President Donald Trump would drive a hard bargain on trade.

The former trade negotiator said that the "tone was important" but that people "know the [US] administration is very keen to have a trade deal with the United Kingdom".

Suggesting if a deal "avoided the most controversial issues, like agriculture" and instead focused on areas where strong trade relations already exits.

"That would be to our advantage but actually it's not clear we've got a huge amount to gain from this and that other places wouldn't be better at negotiating farmers". He doesn't really believe in trade.

"So not necessarily the easiest person to negotiate with".

President Trump's national security advisor John Bolton has been meeting Boris Johnson and other key government figures at the start of a two day trip to London, with hopes of a post Brexit trade deal with the USA high on Britain's agenda.

During a two-day visit, Bolton told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that President Donald Trump wanted to see a successful British exit from the European Union on October 31 and that Washington would be ready to work fast on a U.S. -UK free trade agreement.

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"There are no free gifts in trade negotiations".

Britain and the United States are discussing a partial trade accord that could take effect on November 1, the day after Britain is due to leave the European Union, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday.

It would involve locking in quick, straightforward deals in areas where the two countries may agree, such as manufacturing and car-making, and working out more complicated sectors later.

He said: "You could do it sector by sector, you could do it in a modular fashion, in other words".

A wide-ranging trade deal with the United States, seen as Britain's closest ally, is a much cherished prize for Brexit supporters, who hope to show the opportunities for Britain outside of the 28-member bloc and could help cushion any disruption to trade with European neighbours.

"That would then lock that in and, when the other areas that might be more hard were concluded later, you could combine it in one overall agreement".

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