Cracking Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam with PrepAway Website

Cisco is a company which is known around the world for their technological products and services, particularly in networking. In addition to this, Cisco also boasts one of the best certifications programs in the IT industry. With this program, IT professionals can prove their skills in working with Cisco networking products and services at various levels of complexity. It is by this program that Cisco assures the consumers of the quality of services they receive from IT professionals. Specialists who wish to obtain the Cisco certification enjoy the program's ability to accommodate individuals of different levels of experience. One can start at the entry level, then grow to the associate, professional, and expert levels.

Cisco credentials follow certain pathways, which allows individuals to build their skills as they advance higher through the certification program. At every level, one will have to meet certain requirements and pass the associated exam(s). One of the most prestigious Cisco certification pathways is the design pathway. Professionals who pursue credentials in this path, build their knowledge and skills in designing and developing effective network architectures.

In this paper, we will discuss a professional-level credential in the design pathway: CCNA or Cisco Certified Design Professional. This certification requires that candidates should pass 3 exams: 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, and Prepaway 200-125 ARCH (Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures). Below we will consider certain specifications of 200-125 ARCH exam, but before that, let’s take a look at the CCNA prerequisites.

Prerequisites and recertification

To obtain the CCNA credential, one must be a holder of either of the following certifications:

·         Valid CCDA and CCNA Routing and Switching

·         Valid CCDA and CCNP Routing and Switching or

·         Any CCDE/CCIE credential

All Cisco certifications at the professional level are valid for three years from the date of their attainment. This is because Cisco updates their content periodically in order to keep pace with the dynamic technology world. Therefore, to keep their credentials valid, certification holders must recertify after every three years.

200-125 exam overview

Exam 200-125 ARC Hassesses the candidate's knowledge in modern network design technologies, including WAN technologies, network services, data center integration, and network security. It contains about 60-70 questions and lasts 75 minutes. This exam is available in the English language and is in line to be retired on 23rd February, 2020.

The following are general topics likely to be included in the exam:

1. Advanced Routing and Addressing Solutions in Enterprise Networks (22%)

·         Creating stable and secure EIGRP routing designs

·         Creating stable and secure OSPF routing designs

·         Creating stable and secure BGP routing designs

·         Determining migration strategies for IPv6

·         Facilitating summarization by creating structured addressing designs

2. Campus Enterprise Networks (20%)

·         High availability design

·         Designing Layer 2 infrastructures

·         Designing Layer 3 infrastructures

·         Designing network programmability support networks

3. WANs (17%)

·         Comparing WAN connectivity options

·         Designing site-to-site VPNs

·         Creating resilient WAN strategy

·         Designing Extranet connectivity

·         Designing Internet edge connectivity

4. Data Center Integration for Enterprise (17%)

·         Describing a modular data center network

·         Describing virtualization technologies for data centers

·         Describing high availability for data center networks

·         Designing interconnectivity for data centers

·         Designing network integration and data centers

5. Security Services (13%)

·         Designing IPS solutions and firewalls

·         Designing network access control

·         Designing infrastructure protection

6. Network Services (11%)

·         Selecting QoS strategies that solve customer requirements

·         Designing QoS policies

·         Describing techniques for network management

·         Describing routing concepts

·         Designing multicast services

Please note that other related topics may also appear in the exam.

200-125 ARCH question types

The questions in 200-125 exam are presented in various formats. Below are the question types you should expect to find during your tests:

·         Multiple-choice questions

Multiple-choice questions are categorized either as single-answer or multiple-answer. As their respective names suggest, the single-answer questions are those that require one to select a single answer while the latter require candidates to select a few answers from a list of given options.

·         Drag-and-drops

Here, you will be required to drag a choice from an options area to an appropriate drop zone. Sometimes, the number of options and possible drop zones do not match. You may reuse some options or use only a few of the drop zones depending on the case.

·         Fill-in-the-blanks

This question type provides a text box in which you are required to type the answer. The case you use to type your answer does not usually matter unless the required command is case-sensitive.

·         Testlets

Testlets present a scenario from which you will be asked to answer some multiple-choice questions based on this scenario. In this question types, you will have the liberty to answer the questions in any order.

·         Simlets and simulations

In these questions, you will work with router simulations. The screen is divided into a top window, navigation window, and main window. The top window contains the problem statement. In the main window, candidates can see the configuration of the network. They also can open the router interface of a host. Once you have opened the router interface, you can then complete the task as required by the problem statement.

Exam preparation

The following are some of the preparation options that candidates can use to get ready for 200-125 exam:

·         Classroom training

Cisco partners with various learning organizations that teach instructor-led classes around the world. These organizations use Cisco authorized content in their activities. For 200-125 exam, the recommended course is ARCH v3.0.

·         Reliable websites

The main concern about training websites is whether they are trustworthy. There are hundreds of websites claiming to have valid preparation materials, but this is not always true. To save you the hassle of finding a site you can trust, we would like to help by recommending the PrepAwayplatform. On this site, you can find valid video courses and practice questions at all times. PrepAway presents its materials in a simple and convenient format. Questions and answers from PrepAway help you to get familiar with the real exam format and have an idea of how most questions are presented and what type of answers are required.

·         Hands-on practice

Cisco supports virtual lab environment to enable candidates to have a hands-on practice for the upcoming test. This type of training will help you not only pass your exam but also successfully perform your duties in the workplace.

In conclusion

200-125 exam is the last step to obtaining the CCNA credential. At this stage, all you want is to pass without any difficulties. Since you have read this paper, things should be easy for you. Make your plans to include materials from PrepAway in your preparation and you will never regret. All the best!

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