Hackers wanted: Apple offering $1M to hack iPhone

Apple makes DIY iPhone repair a hassle again surprising no one

Apple makes DIY iPhone repair a hassle again surprising no one

By together with its different working methods, Apple is extending the bug bounty program that it first launched for iOS in 2016. Apple's previous highest bounty was $200,000 for friendly reports of bugs that can then be fixed with software updates and not leave them exposed to criminals or spies.

Rival Google started its own bug bounty scheme way back in 2010, while several other major technology companies also offer financial rewards. The company is also nixing the program's invite-only requirement and is opening it to all researchers who wish to participate. One of the features of these special-variant devices is the ability to pause the processor and look at what's happening with the data in memory.

As per The Verge, the handsets will come with ssh, a root shell, and advanced debug capabilities, all created to make it easier for security researchers to uncover bugs before hackers do.

The new macOS bug bounty program is open to all researchers and offers a bounty of up to $1,000,000 depending on the nature of the law. The "dev devices" will allow the user to do a lot more than they could on a traditionally locked-down iPhone. This fall, the reward will be increased to $1,000,000, and will expand to all of Apple's platforms: iOS, iCloud, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS.

"This is an unprecedented fully Apple supported iOS security research platform", Krstić said at the conference.

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Security experts have also noticed vulnerabilities in Apple's products in recent years.

In response to growing lobbying for right to fix bills, Apple has insisted that it is motivated by controlling the quality of repairs and safety concerns (particularly relevant in situations like swollen batteries) rather than money.

Bug bounty programs are now commonplace among tech companies. The corporate additionally revealed that it'd present safety researchers with particular iPhones to assist them to uncover bugs earlier than hackers do, in accordance with Bloomberg. He displayed the issue by replacing an iPhone XR battery with a genuine Apple authorised battery manually.

iFixit calls Apple's latest step of locking users into its ecosystem a "user-hostile choice", but the move is not isolated.

The Verge commented: "The evidence suggests that people hold onto their phones for longer when they have access to cheap battery repairs".

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