Hong Kong police fire tear gas during cat-and-mouse encounters

Hong Kong police fire tear gas during cat-and-mouse encounters

Hong Kong police fire tear gas during cat-and-mouse encounters

Opponents of the proposed extradition law said it would hurt the independence of Hong Kong courts and expose residents to political cases.

However, before any clashes erupted, the demonstrators retreated and split into smaller groups, heading to different areas to block roads and chanting: "reclaim Hong Kong, revolution of our times".

Wang Zhimin, director of the China's liaison office in Hong Kong, also spoke during Wednesday's meeting and said maintaining stability in Hong Kong is now a "life or death" battle.

On Monday, Ms Lam gave her first media address in two weeks, warning that Hong Kong was "on the verge of a very unsafe situation". Also, the timing and location of protests have been harder to predict as police and protesters escalate actions. Officers said 800 canisters were used during protests on Monday alone, and journalists and protesters say many suffered skin irritation and internal injuries as a result.

The move comes as officials confirmed on Friday that a police commander who oversaw pro-democracy demonstrations that roiled the former British colony in 2014 has been recalled to help deal with protests that have plunged the financial hub into crisis.

In a separate incident, tear gas was sacked at protesters who surrounded a police station in the Tsim Sha Tsui district on the northern side of Hong Kong's harbour, opposite Hong Kong Island.

This prompted China on Friday to attack the USA for "gangster logic" and accused the US of meddling in Hong Kong affairs.

According to the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lau was appointed to the temporary post of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Duty) on Friday.

Police in Hong Kong yesterday fired tear gas at pro-democracy protesters who defied orders to cancel a rally and blocked intersections across the city in "hit-and-run" demonstrations.

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"This is not a cyclical downturn", said Lam.

The protests began after Hong Kong's government tried introducing an extradition bill that would have allowed defendants to be sent to mainland China for trial.

Night falls in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on July 8, 2018.

The airline told staff on Saturday it would bar any "overly radical" employees from crewing flights to the mainland and said it had removed a pilot who was arrested at protests last week from active duty. Seeking to engage tourists, activists handed out anti-government leaflets and waved banners in a dozen languages. She said that business leaders were expressing concerns of long-term impacts in discussion with city authorities. "As someone fighting for human rights, I have no trust for Britain at all". Since the SAR's present per capita income is still four times more than that of the mainland, it has much experience to share with the mainland. Beijing, he said, is seen as no longer having a "valid legitimacy to rule Hong Kong".

Beijing has issued increasingly stern warnings about the continuing demonstrations, and the military recently released a video showing them conducting anti-riot drills.

The United States denies China's allegations and says it is a routine foreign affairs meeting with Hong Kong public opinion and accuses Chinese official media of disclosing the personal and family information of the country's diplomats as the act of a "thuggish regime".

China dismissed the remark as "gangster logic".

The central government has been firm in safeguarding the one-country principle by, among other things, establishing a People's Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong.

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