McDonald's new eco-friendly paper straws can't be recycled

A leaked memo has revealed McDonald's paper straws cannot currently be recycled. Credit PA

A leaked memo has revealed McDonald's paper straws cannot currently be recycled. Credit PA

McDonald's has withdrawn plastic straws from all its branches, reports The Mirror.

While the firm works on a solution it suggests the paper straws are put in general waste as a temporary measure.

McDonald's has been accused of scamming the nation with its environmentally friendly new paper straws, as it's emerged that the controversial new straws can't be recycled and staff have been told to put them directly into the bins.

A source told The Sun: 'When McDonald's introduced paper straws it was getting pats on the back for being environmentally responsible.

The chain confirmed to Daily Star Online that its new paper straws can't be recycled, but that they are "working to find a solution".

Customers have been vocal about their dislike of the new paper straws, claiming they all but dissolve before the drink is finished.

They said its plastic straws were "100 per cent recyclable" but changed to paper because "more can be done".

Friend's of the Earth's Julian Kirby said: "For too long the debate has been stuck on recycling and how to deal with waste once it is created".

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One Twitter user wrote: "Paper straws replaced plastic ones but they are neither fit for goal or recyclable".

Most straws are made from plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene, which unless recycled, take hundreds of years to decompose.

Stuart Foster, from recycling charity RECOUP, criticised McDonald's and said they'd been caught out trying to placate environmental campaigners. "People will be left wondering where this was just greenwash or a monumental c**k-up".

"As a result of customer feedback we have strengthened our paper straws so, while the materials are recyclable, their current thickness makes it hard for them to be processed by our waste solution providers, who also help us recycle our paper cups".

McDonald's is now working on an alternative to the problem, but advises users to put their straws in general waste as they sort out the issue.

However, there are also calls for McDonald's to ditch straws completely.

"Lips have been a waste-free alternative to straws for millions of years". However, there are disabled people who rely on the use of straws to drink and consume fluids.

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