Ninja disgusted with Twitch after pornography appears on his channel

"disgusted after his Twitch channel was used to advertise pornography

Popular gaming platform Twitch had a bad week last week. This reportedly included Twitch accidentally recommending porn to those looking at Ninja's channel, with the site's Fortnite sub-category erroneously hosting a channel playing adult material.

Ninja took to Twitter to air his grievances in a video posted on Sunday, with the text "Disgusted and so sorry". The stream made it onto the list of recommendations on Ninja's channel, as shown in this image. However, in the 10 days since they had also decided to make the most of all those redundant bookmarks and browser address-bar autocompletes by providing a list of other live Fortnite streamers for visitors to Ninja's old channel page to go and check out in his now-permanent absence. "This helps all streamers as it creates new community connections". However, the lewd content that appeared on Ninja's offline channel page grossly violates our terms of service, and we've permanently suspended the account in question. "They don't do this for anyone else that's offline by the way, just me, and there are also other streamers who have signed with other platforms whose channel still remains the same".

Following Ninja's transition to Microsoft's Mixer, Ninja has taken to his personal Twitter account to discuss what has recently happened regarding his departure. According to the information gathered in this sense by the editors of The Verge in the days immediately following the announcement of the Ninja transfer on Mixer, Tyler Blevins would have received approximately 50 million dollars to marry the Mixer cause and leave Twitch.

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Shear continued by stating that Twitch is suspending its stream recommendation process while the company investigates further.

During a recent stream, Mixer CEO Matt Salsamendi commented on the critcism. His streaming profile on Twitch had the largest number of followers. Twitch started using his channel to promote other channels from the community. If anyone saw that, for anyone's kids who saw that, I just wanted to apologise - I'm sorry.

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