Protest in Vancouver mirrors Hong Kong as opposing sides face off

Hong Kong Protests Appeasing

Hong Kong Protests Appeasing

The expert says it will be a lose-lose game if the Chinese government decides to brutally or excessively crack down on Hong Kong protestors.

Police estimated the turnout during the designated time period and location to be 128,000. CNN can not independently confirm either figure.

The rally came exactly one week after Hong Kong's police launched an unusually heavy-handed operation to clear protests in various districts, and five days after a sit-in at Hong Kong International Airport descended into violent clashes between police and protesters. Ties with Beijing have soured since Tsai came to power in 2016 because her party refuses to recognise the idea that Taiwan is part of "one China".

The groups traded chants such as "One China", from the side bearing Chinese flags, and "two systems", from the group rallying in solidarity with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Massive crowds gathered in Victoria Park earlier on Sunday for a rally that was approved by police, before marching through the city's streets. "Really scared. Yeah", a protester wearing a mask, sunglasses and a black cap told ABC News.

It also outlined an intention to build greater integration with Hong Kong and Macau.

China's ambassador to Australia has told The Sydney Morning Herald matters in Hong Kong are exclusively the internal affairs of China.

The Hong Kong government said in a statement on Sunday night it was important to restore social order as soon as possible and that it would begin talks with the public and "rebuild social harmony when everything has calmed down".

"We will stay together and voice out", Phillip said.

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"All these two months we have gone through a lot but we should not lose hope and we should keep fighting".

While recent rallies have been marked by violent clashes with police, organizers said they hoped Sunday's assembly would be peaceful.

But there are signs that the protesters are aware of the damage the violence has caused.

On Saturday, thousands of school teachers joined anti-government protests. Protesters marched from To Kwa Wan to Hung Hom: two areas that have recently seen an influx of Chinese mainland tourists.

Without giving much in the way of specific details, the policy document included goals such as transforming Shenzhen's "economic strength and development quality" into one of the best in the world by 2025. After police began clearing them out, the protesters left without further confrontation.

"The Junior Police Officers" Association and some pro-Beijing legislative councillor have repeatedly called protesters "cockroaches.' It brings up the painful memories of genocide [for] both Hongkongers and the worldwide community", said Wong. Supporters of the police held banners such as "Save Hong Kong", "Police add oil" and "Hong Kong add oil".

Chinese paramilitary vehicles are parked at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center in Shenzhen near the border with Hong Kong, China on August 18, 2019. In the video, Chinese police officers shouted: "Stop violence, repent, and be saved", and deployed armored vehicles, tear gas, and water cannons against lookalike protesters. "The pro-Beijing Chief Executive and the Hong Kong police forces must immediately cease the aggression and abuse being perpetrated against their own people". From there, demonstrators made there way to Hong Kong's Central district, despite not having an approved permit to do so.

Forceful police tactics used during previous protests have spurred greater demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Vancouver's Chinese Benevolent Association issued a statement Sunday on behalf of its members denouncing violence by "a small number of radical demonstrators" that have disrupted the lives of Hong Kong citizens and visitors.

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