Sarah Silverman fired from new movie for blackface photo

Sarah Silverman fired from new movie for blackface photo

Sarah Silverman fired from new movie for blackface photo

Silverman said a 2007 appearance of her in blackface on Comedy Central's "The Sarah Silverman Program" came back to haunt her on a recent movie, where she was sacked the night before shooting for a role that was later given to someone who never took any chances in comedy, she said.

But as she also said during her appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Sarah Silverman also finds it "really scary" that one mistake from an individual's past along these lines can have such lasting ramifications on their career, even if said individual has been held accountable and tried to make amends.

"There's a still of me on Twitter in blackface and it's totally out of context and I tweeted it when Twitter was new and the people who followed me watched that show and it was from that show", she said.

"Then at 11 p.m. the night before, they fired me because they saw that picture of me in blackface from that episode", she added.

"I don't stand by the blackface sketch", she told GQ previous year. "So they hired someone else who's wonderful but who's never stuck her neck out". It was so disheartening. I can't erase that I did that, but I can only be changed forever and do what I can to make it right for the rest of my life.

Bray Wyatt's SummerSlam debut as The Fiend will haunt your nightmares
A move that we have seen used in recent weeks on legends like Kurt Angle and Mick Foley was a fitting way to take down Finn Balor. As for the match itself, it served its objective in re-establishing Bray Wyatt as a big star in the WWE.

The actress and comedian has previously expressed her regret at the sketch from her TV series The Sarah Silverman Show, which saw her wear minstrel-like make-up. Over the past few years, we have seen the entertainment industry go through a pretty big shift as social media starts to take over the conversation, which Silverman has dubbed, "righteousness porn".

She said "righteousness porn" was "really scary" and was making comedy 'a risky place'. "It's so odd. It's a perversion. It's really, 'Look how righteous I am and now I'm going to press refresh all day long to see how many likes I get in my righteousness'".

This is not the first time that Silverman has courted controversy with a racially charged comedy routine.

She explained: "Comedy by nature is not at all evergreen". I can only be changed by it and move on'. I'm clearly liberal. That was such liberal-bubble stuff, where I actually thought it was dealing with racism by using racism. I don't get joy in that anymore.

"You know, I didn't go to a f-ing Halloween party in the '80s in blackface", she said. In the years since, Silverman has condemned that episode, saying last year that she's "horrified" by it and is "not that person anymore". It made me famous!

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