Sony Marvel Spider-Man Deal Ending After Dispute Over Money

Report: Sony May Have Pulled Spider-Man Out of the MCU

Report: Sony May Have Pulled Spider-Man Out of the MCU

Marvel is at it again, re-releasing Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters with an additional action sequence.

A Sony studio source tells The Post negotiations are actually ongoing, and that Feige has made creative decision on previous Sony films in which he had no producer credit, such as "Venom".

Kevin Feige will no longer produce future spidey films due to the inability of the companies to "reach new terms that would have given (Sony) a co-financing stake going forward, Deadline reports". Marvel helped reestablish the character onscreen.

Deadline broke the news this afternoon that Sony is dissolving its partnership with Marvel Studios and will henceforth make Spider-Man movies on its own. As the Spider-Man relationship grew, Feige and Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman spoke about the possibility of a wider involvement in the Sony-controlled Spider-man universe, which contains 900 characters. And that would be huge - particularly since Spider-Man has become an increasingly central figure in the Marvel movie universe, and the events of Far From Home basically positioned him as Marvel's new Tony Stark.

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While some people are reeling from losing five years, others remained in their current timeline, meaning our friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man just wants to get back to normal with his friends.

Will Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment stop working together on Spider-Man movies?

Apparently, the problems all came down to the dollar signs: Disney wanted to join a 50/50 co-financing agreement with Sony. Sony wasn't willing to give up that share. Sony wanted to keep its original licensing agreement - Marvel now gets about 5 percent of first dollar gross. But as Marvel enters its "Phase 4", Spider-Man also has no official MCU appearances planned. That's why Spider-Man: Far From Home just became the highest grossing movie that Sony Pictures has ever seen.

According to Cinemablend, the scene was teased in one of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers, so may be familiar to die-hard fans. And fans have been quick to post their disparaging reactions over Sony's total ownership on social media.

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