This mother was detained by ICE in Mississippi. Now she is afraid

'Terrified' children left behind after largest US migrant worker raids in a decade

'Terrified' children left behind after largest US migrant worker raids in a decade

They might never be.

Before the raid, ICE officials indicated many people would be released with a notice to appear in court because they had never before been through deportation proceedings.

Companies can also face administrative fines based on audits of I-9 forms, which American employees fill out when they're hired, presenting documents meant to prove they can legally work in the country.

The raids happened the same day Trump visited El Paso, Texas, where 22 people were murdered this weekend by a white supremacist targeting, according to his own writings, immigrants and Hispanic people.

"If workers are being threatened with being turned over to ICE, and then here comes ICE and arrests workers", people could be more reluctant to speak up, said John Sandweg, a former acting ICE director during the Obama administration.

- Wednesday's raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers at multiple MS food processing plants has left immigrants across NY and the nation on edge.

Included among those released in the MS raids were 18 juveniles, with the youngest being 14 years old, the news agency said, quoting Jere Miles, a special agent in charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations in New Orleans.

Asked whether employers may be charged in the case, a spokesperson at the Department of Justice said Friday in an emailed statement to TIME that "law enforcement operations can take time" but did not specify whether any case would be opened involving employers.

Officials are calling the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid of several MS food processing plants this week one of the largest enforcement acts in recent US history.

One of the targeted companies was poultry producer, Koch Foods, in Morton, a small town about 65 kilometres east of the capital of Jackson. The U.S. needs to work to find ways to process them quickly and help guide them to legal citizenship if at all possible.

Facebook reportedly offering 'millions' to publishers for news
The report comes from the Wall Street Journal , which spoke to a person familiar with the matter on the condition of anonymity. The Washington Post , which was also named in the report as a company Facebook approached, declined to comment.

According to the Associated Press, the raid - reportedly months in the works - involved almost 600 ICE agents who detained employees of Koch Foods Inc., Peco Foods Inc., and three smaller plants.

During a call with reporters Thursday afternoon, ICE officials said they encountered 18 minors working at the sites, the youngest being 14. The company didn't respond Friday to a phone message and email.

Koch, based near Chicago, said Thursday that it relies on the E-Verify program to check new hires for immigration status.

Labor unions have condemned the recent raids.

The fact that Wednesday's raid in MS included a plant that recently settled a class action employment discrimination lawsuit for USD$3.75 million may confirm this fear for many workers. "It was very devastating to see all those kids crying, having seen their parents for the last time", said Gabriela Rosales. "We must act now to end this risky climate of fear". "The state of IL refuses to coordinate with federal immigration enforcement".

"We're going to have bedding available for them and we're going to get food for them just to get them through the night", said owner Jordan Barnes. "That may be the Trump way of looking at this, but [it is] creating unsafe and very egregious working conditions".

Friends, coworkers and family watch as us immigration officials raid the Koch Foods Inc., plant in Morton, Miss., Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019.

Of the 680 detainees, 122 were from Mexico, a country with which the United States recently reached an agreement to help block Central American migrants from reaching U.S. soil.

Mark Kaminsky, chief operating officer at Koch, said the company admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement and maintains, after fighting the matter in court for more than eight years, that all the allegations contained in the lawsuit are false. There's chicken blood on the floor.

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