Tuesday Poll: Are You Still Rocking Widgets?

Sometimes you really have to wonder what goes through the heads of some companies and developers.

"We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously", Spotify said on its community board.

Spotify has just announced that it will remove the homescreen widget from the Android app at some point this week.

Instead, Spotify is informing people to use its playback notification and device lockscreen options.

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After what must have been quite a few complaints a moderator there has suggested folks vote for the idea to reinstate the widget.

Our analysis is that Spotify most likely have the figures of who actually still uses the widget and the percentage was so low there was no reason for them to keep it in the app.

Spotify does not appear to be singing to the tune of some music lovers with the removal of its Android widget. However, it's not like the widget needed a lot of upkeep-it was a pretty generic resizeable playback control with album art. Though that idea thread has more than 3,100 votes at the time of this writing, Spotify has marked its status as "Not Right Now". Though homescreen widgets are one of the unique features Android offers, Spotify has decided that it no longer wants to support its own widget.

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