UK To Relax Immigration Rules For Scientists, Says Boris Johnson

The advertisement featuring Tony Abbott

The advertisement featuring Tony Abbott

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to the UK's Cabinet Secretary, asking him to clarify Whitehall's general election rules.

The "No 2 No Deal" campaign aims to push the Tory MPs, including former Cabinet ministers Philip Hammond and David Gauke, into rebelling against Boris Johnson when Parliament returns after the summer break.

It follows reports that if Mr Johnson is defeated in a vote of confidence when MPs return to Westminster in September, he will seek to delay polling until after October 31, by which time the United Kingdom will be out of the EU.

But Dominic Cummings, the most senior aide in Downing Street, has reportedly warned that Johnson will simply refuse to resign during the 14-day period following a vote of no-confidence, allow the United Kingdom to crash out of the European Union, and then call a general election.

Jeremy Corbyn has asked the UK's most senior civil servant to intervene to stop a no-deal Brexit from happening during a general election campaign.

- So when would such an election take place?

The Times reported on Saturday that Michael Gove, charged with overseeing no-deal preparations, confirmed that ministers are working on a bailout fund to support businesses temporarily affected by a clean Brexit.

- How have the opposition parties reacted?

He accused Boris Johnson of planning an "unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power".

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In his letter, he demanded urgent clarification of the purdah rules, which are meant to prevent the government taking major policy decisions, including no-deal Brexit, during an election campaign.

"A Labour government will never support a no-deal exit, so would of course want the opportunity to take a different view".

- What do the Brexiteers say?

As it stands, under the latest extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process by the EU, Britain is due to leave on 31 October.

Many MPs determined to stop a no-deal Brexit believe that a confidence vote which triggers a general election is now the last mechanism available to prevent the United Kingdom from crashing out of the European Union with no deal.

- So is that the end of it?

Officials said Sir Mark would be reply to Mr Corbyn, but senior Conservatives dismissed the letter as a "political stunt".

However, leading constitutional expert Professor Vernon Bogdanor argued that, even if the United Kingdom were to "leave" during an election campaign, it would not necessarily be the end of the matter.

"By the time Parliament is back from recess, the aim is to allow more MPs to feel emboldened to vote with moves to block a no-deal Brexit at the end of October".

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