United States military drone shot down over Yemen

U.S. drone shot down over Yemen officials

U.S. drone shot down over Yemen officials

Rights groups have criticized the attacks because of its civilian casualties. Civilians died in five attacks carried out by small arms and heavy weapons.

A Houthi military spokesman had earlier said that air defences had brought down a usa drone.

"We are aware of reports of an attack by Iranian-backed Houthi forces on a USA drone". Since the decision by Trump in 2018 to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, Washington has attempted to use what it calls "maximum pressure" to change Iran's behavior and limit its nuclear ambitions.

[One of the US officials] said that while losing a drone was expensive, it was not unprecedented and it was unlikely to lead to any major response by the United States.

The US believes the missile was provided to Houthi rebels by Iran, said the official, who added that it was not immediately clear if the drone was being operated by the US military or the intelligence community.

Iran claimed that drone had trespassed over its territory, while the US argued it was in worldwide airspace. It said Iran helped the Yemeni rebels bring down the drone.

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Earlier this month, however, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed to continue supporting the Houthis against the Saudi-led coalition.

For more than a decade, the United States has waged a drone war against al-Qaida in Yemen, trying to eliminate one of the most unsafe branches of the terror network.

"The rocket which hit it was developed locally and will be revealed soon at a press conference", Saria said on Twitter.

"It appears to have been fired by the Houthis and enabled by Iran", the official said, without elaborating further.

Since March 2015, the Saudi-led Sunni alliance has been fighting to restore the internationally-recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to no avail.

The Yemeni government denounced the STC's seizure of Aden as an Emirati-backed "coup", and on Tuesday said the UAE was "fully responsible for the armed rebellion", urging it to stop backing "this militia".

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