Acer’s Predator Triton 300 is its new entry-level gaming laptop

Predator Thronos Air makes Acer’s gaming chair even wilder

Predator Thronos Air makes Acer’s gaming chair even wilder

This is meant to help you unwind after a demanding gaming session, or perhaps to help relax you after the chat you've just had with your bank manager following your purchase of the Thronos Air. They made this device not to appeal to the masses, but to draw our eye from the competition. It's back again this year, in pretty much an identical form, except now it's got a basic massage function built into the seat, created to give you a bit of a rub once you're done being utterly demolished by your enemies in Fortnite. Check out the Thronos Air video below for the hype.

There really didn't need to be a lot of differences between the Thronos and the Thronos Air.

There is something new introduced with this fresh version of Acer's gaming throne, though: a massage function. Today the company took the stage at IFA 2019 in Berlin and announced that the phone is going global.

According to Acer, the Predator Thronos Air will go on sale towards the end of 2019.

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"The steel structure includes a chair, modular desk, and monitor arm". The Thronos Air is like a cockpit, a cave, an immersive pod.

The chair can be adjusted to 130 degrees inside its cabin. However, we did find an online prototype for a 480Hz 540p monitor. There's a monitor handle below this same monitor spot for ease in raising and lowering the screen. Also inside the cage is a adjustable keyboard and mouse table, as well as footrest and chair, which can naturally be tilted along with the monitor arm to deliver reclined gaming action.

Indeed, we see absolutely no reason why the massage function couldn't be adapted for in-game use to provide an impressively convincing physical sensation for getting shot in the back (joking aside, this sort of haptic tech is already planned by Razer, and is called HyperSense technology). Lighting throughout the Predator Thronos hardware emits a teal blue "soft cool glow". But really, it's a gaming massage chair. This doesn't come with the gaming PC, though; there's a platform for the gaming rig behind the chair with a built-in cable management systems. Upgrade options are available as well-users can add a seat stabilizer to prevent movement during gaming, cup holder, headset folder, USB hub, and a camera.

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