Borderlands 3 review roundup - all the scores (from 2K-approved outlets)

Let's Make Some Mayhem in the Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer

Let's Make Some Mayhem in the Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer

So that you're not losing any progress as you play the missions, here's everything you need to know about how to save in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 reviews are now live and each, as we reported yesterday, from US-based outlets in a weird security move by publisher 2K.

Four new heroes team up to prevent galactic-level destruction in "Borderlands 3", supported by a returning cast of franchise favorites and a near-endless supply of wild and wonderful armaments.

If you want to quit the game and are not sure if you'll lose much progress, the best thing to do would be to travel to a new place in the game's world and quit once that's been completed.

Borderlands 3 takes most of the good bits of Borderlands 2 and either rolls with them or improves upon them.

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Borderlands 3 is more Borderlands, and all the loot that entails. The tuning is clearly meant for more than one player, making a punitive experience at times for the solo Vault Hunter. Your progress will save automatically pretty regularly throughout your time playing.

The Borderlands formula might be a bit dated with its raunchy jokes and cheesy dialogue, but that doesn't change that it is a formula that keeps reeling players back in again and again.

If you've pre-ordered a digital copy of Borderlands 3, then you'll be able to pre-load the game onto your console 48 hours before launch.

Even so, a carefully planned marketing campaign has not been without its roadbumps: public disputes between Gearbox's CEO and two former employees led to talk of a USB drive containing questionable adult material, plus accusations of financial impropriety and voice actor exploitation; a confessed series superfan who became an accurate "Borderlands 3" leaker disappeared from public life after a visit from private investigators.

Borderlands 3 has surpassed the bar that its predecessor had set.

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