Camila Mendes Says She Was Roofied and Sexually Assaulted in College

Camila Mendes Reveals She Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ In College In Emotional Interview

Camila Mendes Reveals She Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ In College In Emotional Interview

Camila Mendes poses for the cover of Women's Health's October 2019 issue and opens up about being a role model for young women.

In a new interview with Women's Health, the 25-year-old actress reveals that, while in college, she was both drugged and the victim of a sex crime.

Well we're certainly happy that Cami is on the road to recovery and finding her strength to speak out on such important issues.

It happened during Mendes's first year at New York University's Tisch School.

And whenever she's going through a hard time now, she takes a moment to think about what she can do physically for herself.

Through her character Veronica, Camila has been able to have a cathartic release by facing some of her biggest fears head on - like when Nick tried to sexually assault Veronica in season 2. You're constantly saying goodbye to people, and you're constantly being removed from your identity.

"If you don't have that literal box, you have to create it in your habits", Camila told the magazine, a mantra she has applied by staying at the same hotels, eating at the same cafés, and visiting the same yoga classes and Pilates studios while traveling.

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Mendes isn't the first Riverdale star to open up about sexual assault. The actress for Betty Cooper penned a blog post called "In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations..." during the #MeToo movement in September 2017, in which she wrote that while "a teenager working on a project", her co-worker tried to use his "power" to "try and take advantage of [her]".

"I'm coming forward about my own experience to further express how common these assaults are in this industry and how important it is that we take action to fight against it", she said.

Just past year, the Riverdale actor shared her struggles with the eating disorder.

"I've only recently gotten better". Health is what's important, not appearance.

"When I was a teenager, there were no role models when it came to body positivity". "That simply was not a thing. Being thin was the thing", she says. I make choices that are good for me-and not just in my body-but for my soul, for my mind.

"People sometimes put working out first and don't give their bodies rest", she said "I'll always choose sleep first".

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