China's lunar rover finds something weird on far side of moon

Tracks left by Yutu-2 on the moon’s far side. Image via China Lunar Exploration Project

Tracks left by Yutu-2 on the moon’s far side. Image via China Lunar Exploration Project

The material was described as being "unusually colored", and according to the state-run newspaper People's Daily, mission scientists are now trying to work out what it is.

Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 has rolled over a unusual mystery on the far side of the Moon. The discovery prompted scientists on the mission to postpone other driving plans for the rover, and instead focus its instruments on trying to figure out what the odd material is.

Yu Tianyi, from the the drive team, saw the gel in the inner edge of the impact crater, Our Space notes. The lander and rover docked in the Von Karman crater within the South Pole-Aitken Basin in January 2019. The Yutu-2 rover had covered a total of 890 feet (271 meters) by the end of lunar day 8.

According to the rover's drive diary, this material differed from the surrounding regolith in shape, color, and texture. Since the original announcement, there have been no updates on the substance, but the Chinese publication People's Daily reports that scientists are now analyzing it.

Missionscientists haven't offered any indication as to the nature of the coloredsubstance and have said only that it is "gel-like" and has an "unusual color". "What do you think it is?"

China's space program started the year strong by performing a soft landing on the far side of the Moon. "The exploration of this virgin land by Chang'e-4 might bring breakthrough findings".

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There's a part of the Moon that we don't see from Earth as the Moon always keeps the same side facing towards us. It is thought the geology of the far side is very different to the side that faces us-but until now no probe had ever been there.

Inside this crater, Yutu-2 detected something pretty darn weird.

It previously found that the composition of the Moon's surface is different to what scientists expected.

An image showing the far side of the moon from NASA.

It's not possible to shoot signals to the far side of the moon because of this phenomenon, but to resolve this problem, China also built the Queqiao satellite to provide a contact point for the Chang'e-4.

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