Hurricane Dorian washed up a brick of cocaine on a Florida beach

Baby Tadashi Dorian Davis came into the world during the storm so his parents named him after

Baby Tadashi Dorian Davis came into the world during the storm so his parents named him after

It happened again Tuesday morning, when a package containing a kilogram of cocaine washed ashore near Florida's Paradise Beach Park just as Hurricane Dorian began impacting the state's east coast, local officials said. Maximum sustained winds are near 105 miles per hour with higher gusts.

Tornadoes are possible near the immediate east coast of Florida through tonight.

Hurricane Dorian has brought intense wind and rain to the shores of Florida, but it also brought something unexpected - bricks of cocaine.

Officials urged over two million people in Florida, Georgia and North and SC to evacuate.

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As a downgraded Category 2 Hurricane Dorian continues to churn north, coastal Floridians might experience two to five feet of storm surge, three to six inches of rainfall, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of drugs washing ashore.

Severe flooding is expected to occur even if the storm doesn't make landfall. Cocoa Beach police did not immediately return a request for comment.

Before moving toward the U.S. Coast, the slow-moving hurricane battered the Bahamas, killing at least seven people there. The country's prime minister said he expects that number to rise.

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