Joe Biden says it's 'totally appropriate' for voters to consider his age

Ten not so crazy climate crisis solutions from 2020 presidential contenders

Ten not so crazy climate crisis solutions from 2020 presidential contenders

Bernie Sanders campaign has just rolled out 53 new Endorsements for Bernie for President from the State of New Hampshire. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll put him on top, with support from 27 percent of those surveyed, compared with 19 percent for Sanders and 17 percent for Warren.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are neck and neck in the race for Democratic votes in the early primary and caucus states, but when it comes to voters' second choice, Warren now holds a clear advantage.

Democrat 2020 candidates flocked to the Granite State over the weekend to speak at the New Hampshire Democrat Convention.

Though both Biden and Sen.

By contrast, Biden is only picked second by one in five Warren, Sanders, and Harris supporters. "And I think that's really important for us to find out". When asked if Biden was "the best president for the country", his numbers dropped to 23%, with Warren at 19%, and Sanders at 16%. Activists are active. If there's an article on Warren or Sanders, note how numerous comments obviously come from their fan bases, if not the campaigns themselves.

Mr. Biden was the top choice of 29% of Democratic or Democratic-leaning registered voters, followed by Sen. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, or South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg could. During a conference call with reporters last week, Biden advisers said his advantage in Democratic primary polls represents far more than simply name identification and is based on voter knowledge of his years in the Senate and as President Barack Obama's vice president.

Warren's hypocrisy bothers Rendell and, I assume, certain other donors who are supporting Biden. She said at one point, the polls had her down by double digits.

"I'm listing my goals, my primary goals to say let's go out and force, or try and create a conversation on that which is not being talked about in this presidential cycle", he said. Biden, for all his gaffes and flaws, continues to be the one who is doing that most effectively. And since Carter, no non-incumbent Democrat who has won the New Hampshire primary once has been able to capture a repeat victory.

House panel probes fortunes of airport near Trump resort in Scotland
He also said the Air Force had not found anything improper regarding the Trump Turnberry stay but is still reviewing the records. Ed Thomas mentioned in a press release of the cease that included a keep for crew members on the Trump resort.

A central challenge for Harris in the months ahead will be to offer a compelling - and succinct - reason she should be elected. "I kind of see him as a grumpy old man". Clinton's edge would rise and fall over the course of the next year.

National Democratic Committee Chair Tom Perez preaches party unity to people at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention in Manchester on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019.

Castro said that if Democrats want to ensure Trump is defeated "we can't do the same old thing".

The host of "The Late Show" pressed the former vice president about his mistakes, asking him bluntly 'are you going nuts?' But folks, when we have our nominee, remember in order to govern we must first win. Bernie Sanders holding on to his loyalists but having trouble reaching beyond them.

"The last time around there was so much of an argument between the Sanders campaign with the Clinton campaign, that I think a lot of people are being careful to not seem like they've committed too early", said Deb Bacon Nelson, chairwoman of the Hanover/Lyme town Democrats, who endorsed Clinton in 2016.

As the Democratic contenders gallop around the backstretch, political handicappers are once again obsessing over the candidates' crowd size, the enthusiasm of said crowds and the age of the enthusiasts.

He has also said he would not support Trump's US-Mexico-Canada trade pact that would replace Nafta, unless changes are made to its labour and environmental provisions, among others.

Then there's Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist standing to Biden's right.

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