KFC breaks into gaming with a Colonel Sanders dating sim (yes really)

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WTF?! Get ready to get your freak on with the Colonel.

"Will Colonel Sanders choose you to be his business partner?"

Chicken fryer KFC has never shied away from branded off-product ideas like a special edition smartphone, wing box drones, and other wacky PR stunts. This year the company has unleashed a new video game that has players vying for the Colonel's affections. Or maybe even so much more? Now that initiative seems to have taken its next step, with the launch of a KFC-themed dating Sim.

KFC is rumored to be releasing a dating simulator as early as September 24th and we know some people who might be interested in dating the Colonel. But my initial thought - that this was all a fun fan-made endeavour - is not true, as KFC itself is listed on the page as the game's publisher. It says that the game "follows you, a promising culinary student, as you try to date your classmate, Colonel Sanders".

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The objective of the game is to progress through a simulated culinary school. Find out in the most finger lickin' good dating simulator ever created, " reads its Steam page in a metaphor so on the nose it may as well have been "TIME TO CLUCK". Visuals appear hand-drawn, and conversations are in the typical text-box style.

The game says that it will have multiple hours of playtime, although it declines to give a specific number.

KFC's concept is somewhat creepy, but then again, so was the VR training simulator. The game is described as a dating simulator and the player will have to "navigate relationships and the social challenges that the fast-paced life in the kitchen can bring". There was no word on price, but being a silly KFC promotional item, it will probably be free.

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