Microsoft releases preview of rebooted PowerToys for Windows 10

Power Toys

Power Toys

For those who are too young to remember the original PowerToys, these were little utilities developed by the Windows 95 shell team and distributed free of charge to the community.

The user attached an image of their search box with the KB4512941 update installed - an item was shown to have been requested for but the tool was displaying an empty box. You can set window locations as drag targets on a desktop meaning you can drag a window into a predefined zone and it will automatically reposition and resize to fill that zone. All of then can be edited and custom layouts can be saved, be that an edited predefined layout or a brand new one you created from scratch in the Custom tab of the utility.

The columns template divides the screen into three columns and if you hold down the Shift-key while moving a window, you will see these columns and may place the window in any of these.

The navigation pane in the Start menu now expands when you mouse over it. Do note that once installed, PowerToys runs as a service and you should see a PowerToys icon in the system tray.

FanzyZones comes with a handful of extra options.

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It's hard to imagine now, but Windows PCs were once expensive and hard to use.* Ironically, that complexity and the geeky challenge of mastering PC technology was part of the appeal of PCs a quarter-century ago, when hobbyists made up a core part of the market.

"When first launched, the UI presents a list of zone layouts that can be quickly adjusted by how many windows are on the monitor". The Windows Key Shortcut Guide offers a full-screen overlay that shows keyboard shortcuts for the window that's now in focus. You can change the time to another value in the settings. Note that the current version is signed by Janea Systems-future releases will be signed by Microsoft.

Tools that are on the way include a screen recorder that outputs animated GIFs and maximize to new desktop widget, among others.

The most recent optional cumulative update that Microsoft shipped for devices running Windows 10 version 1903, also referred to as May 2019 Update, not only that generates high CPU usage, but also breaks down search for some.

Now You: PowerToys are making a comeback; what is your take on that?

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