Police Say Texas Gunman Called 911 Before Shootings

Police Say Texas Gunman Called 911 Before Shootings

Police Say Texas Gunman Called 911 Before Shootings

Authorities said Monday that Seth Aaron Ator, 36, had reached out to police and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after he was let go from Journey Oilfield Services.

He left his trucking business employer's office before police showed up. "He did not make a threat in that phone call".

FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said his agency responds to Texas frequently.

Despite that assessment, however, Ator began his rampage a mere 15 minutes after the call ended, opening fire on two Texas Public Safety troopers who had pulled him over for a routine traffic violation. Authorities said Monday that he shouldn't have had the gun at all.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Monday that "we must keep guns out of criminals' hands" - words similar to his remarks that followed another mass shooting in El Paso on August 3, when he said firearms must be kept from "deranged killers".

"Not only did the Odessa gunman have a criminal history...he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas & he didn't go thru a background check for the gun he used in Odessa".

"He did apply to get a gun and he was denied a gun", Wester said. "He rambled a lot in all of his contacts", Gerke said.

"He was on a long spiral of going down", said Combs, not elaborating on Ator's descent.

Combs said the place where Ator lived was "a unusual residence" and that the condition reflected "what his mental state was going into this".

Hundreds of West Texas residents stood and bowed their heads together, reciting the Lord's Prayer at a vigil for those killed in Saturday's mass shooting. "They rammed his vehicle, stopped him and when he got out, they shot him", he said. As The New York Times first reported, Ator had been fired from his job just hours before he opened fire.

The suspect hijacked a postal van and opened fire on police officers, motorists and shoppers on a busy Labor Day holiday weekend before being shot dead outside a multiplex cinema complex in Odessa, police said.

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"It was very chaotic", Morales said by telephone.

Another victim who was killed, Leilah Hernandez, 15, was shot while walking out of a auto dealership with her brother, according to family members. During the same period, five officers were killed in ambushes.

"I have been to too many of these events", Abbott said.

Alonzo also said Ator frequently fired from a structure on top of his house at night, shooting into his yard and then would retrieve dead animals from it. Though officers might run license plate numbers through their mobile computers, it is not normal practice to conduct further checks, in part because the owner of the vehicle might not be the driver, Eells said. "He felt that Odessa was the place to go", Arco said. "The challenges they have with providing the appropriate response have increased".

Among the 22 injured were three police officers, with one of them in serious but stable condition. "We have to be more honest with ourselves".

HB 1143 states that school districts can not prohibit licensed gun owners, including school employees, from storing firearms or ammunition in locked vehicles at school parking lots if they are not in plain view. "It doesn't mean you're less polite".

Authorities say a total of 19 people were injured during the altercation, and seven were killed.

According to authorities, the man, a white male in his 30s, was stopped for failing to signal a left turn.

"The reason that person was stopped was because of a Midland police officer and an Odessa police officer". The shooting stemmed from a traffic stop, after the shooter was pulled over for driving erratically.

Police have not named most of the victims.

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