This Version of Monopoly Gives Women an Edge

Hasbro has a new version of Monopoly

Hasbro has a new version of Monopoly

One of America's most recognizable board games is getting an upgrade.

Well, the banker gives $1,900 to each female player - but only $1,500 to each male, USA Today said, adding that females get $240 every time they pass "go" while males get the standard $200.

To mark the advent of "Ms. Monopoly", Hasbro doled out $20,580 - not in game money, but real cash - to a trio of teenage female inventors, the paper said: Gitanjali Rao, 13, of Denver; Sophia Wang, 16, of CT, and Ava Canney, also 16, from Ireland.

This is the first time another character besides the top hat-wearing Mr. Monopoly - originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags - covers the fast-dealing property trading game.

Thousands of years of male oppression are close to being erased, thanks to a new version of the iconic board game Monopoly. To further the theme, players do not invest in real estate. Instead of building houses, players build business headquarters.

The pay disparity "is a fun spin in the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men", Hasbro said in a news release. Instead, they put their money into inventions by women, from bulletproof vests to solar heating to chocolate chip cookies.

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See a few more reactions to Ms. Monopoly below.

Hasbro says that "Ms. Monopoly was created to inspire everyone, young and old as it spotlights women who have challenged the status quo".

Ms. Monopoly will be available for pre-order beginning September 10.

Elizabeth Magie invented a game called The Landlord's Game in 1903 as a protest against big-money corruption during the Gilded Age.

The train station icon on each side of the board is replaced with "ride share", but spaces such as "Chance", "Community Chest", "Free Parking" and "Jail" remain the same as other editions. She even patented the game in 1904.

Then another game designer, Charles Darrow, made his own version of the game, renamed it Monopoly, and in 1935 sold it to Parker Brothers.

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